Pangasinan | The Charming Hundred Islands National Park…

The Hundred Islands National Park is located in Alaminos City, Pangasinan, North of the Philippines. The islands are perfectly nestled in the Lingayen Gulf with an area of 18.44 square kilometres. Only three of them have been developed for tourists: Governor Island, Quezon Island, and Children’s Island. But that doesn’t mean you can no longer go island hopping in some other islands. You can always drop by Marina and Cuenco Islands and other islands that a boat can go near to.

From the shore of Alaminos City, there is an approximate 20 to 30 minutes boat ride before you will reach the first island.


Of all the islands, Quezon Island is famous for tourist. Governors Island as well as Children’s Island are an alternative. Swimming, kayaking, snorkeling, banana boat ride are just some of the activities you can do.

Governors Island – it has the Pinoy Big Brother House



Children’s Island


Cuenco Island


Quezon Island and the Rated K Island



Sunset in Quezon Island is also adorable…


For more information, check out:

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2 thoughts on “Pangasinan | The Charming Hundred Islands National Park…

  1. Thank you for sharing this Will! It’s a great way for tourists to have a birds eve view what to expect at hunrded islands. BTW: there’ll be great changes in this place and hope to finish before summer of 2014.

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