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Zambales | Grande Island Resort, not so Grand…but it’s Okay…


Grande Island is a 42-hectare island resort situated North of Manila in the province of Zambales. One will travel up to the resorts pier in Zubic for a 30 minute boat/ferry ride to finally step foot on the island. Just lower your expectations to avoid disappointments. Nonetheless, the island is good for a weekend getaway in a nature inspired environment.

The resorts tag line is “Grande Island Resort Where Nature and Leisure Meet.” Uhmm…the nature is there, but the leisure? There is not much to do in this island, but you can find fun for as long as you do on the services and amenities they offer.

Not every shore in the island is good for swimming. There are only selected areas where swimming, kayaking, banana boat riding, etc. are allowed.


The island is good for team building activities. If you design your games and activities with so much running, then just get ready for your strength and stamina. There’s a huge swimming pool, basketball court, volleyball court and yeah they even have a mini football field (not fit for playing though).


Rooms and villas abound, most are situated on beach front. Just a little bit of warning, some rooms are too far away from the main resorts lobby. Walking is good but tiring. But hey, don’t worry, there are golf carts you can ride during the day. It’s advisable to stock your own dringking water in the villa.


The rooms are quite nice. They are air-conditioned. It has two large beds that can accommodate two in each. There’s an available TV but can’t remember if it’s cable or satellite TV. There’s  no free WiFi connection. Mobile phone signals are okay, but 3G aren’t good.

Early morning view from one of the villas at sunrise in the island…


And this is sunset view…


No one can actually go out of the island unless you follow the schedule you booked. No other ferry services the island except that of the resort itself. The ferry is quite big so sailing you alone inside the passenger deck is not an option.


You can check out there website for more information:

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