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Laguna | Grand Villa Resort…Butterfly Sanctuary and Grand Aviary


Grand Villa Resort is located in Purok 2, Bgy. Tranca, Bay, Laguna. It’s a good alternative away from the radicals of the city. It is a huge property that offers a lot of services and amenities. It is more or less a 22-heactare resort situated at the foot of the legendary and mystical Mt. Makiling.

It has a butterfly sanctuary that tours you along the life cycle of that little and fragile flying creatures. Though they are camera shy…lol…

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It has also an aviary where hundreds of species of flying and non-flying birds are rested. Technically, this is already a zoo since there are some non birds too. There’s also a parrot  that can mimic your laugh. Trust me, it’s awesome to hear that bird laughing the way you laugh. It’s crazy. That pinkish white bird below is what I am referring to.

2012-05-13 08.44.51

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It has also a huge swimming pool at the middle of the resort. It is situated right at the side of the resorts Sunken Bar at the restaurant. It is where most people are swimming. Though there’s a smaller one at the back of the butterfly sanctuary where private pool parties can be done. But since the pool wasn’t booked for any party that time, we have taken advantage of it instead of going to the larger pool where everyone are cooling off. We just tried the big pool before we took our dinner. But that is after enjoying the smaller one.

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Rooms or villas are available. There are more than what you expect. Though they are not WiFi free, the rooms are cozy and are air-conditioned too. Cable TV is also provided. Food? They are not the best tasting, yet they are good. By the way,free WiFi’s are only at the resorts main lobby and restaurant. Mobile phone signal is okay, but 3G is poor.


The resort also offers an adventure camp where team building activities can be done. Paintball fanatic? You can do it here. Tired of the days activities? Grand Villa also offers spa services.

2012-05-12 11.48.37 2012-05-12 11.51.12  2012-05-12 13.41.292012-05-12 12.08.33

You can check out their website for more information:

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