Singapore | Captivating Sentosa, an Island Resort…

Sentosa is an island resort in Singapore. It is one of the main tourist destination for this little city-state. The whole island have been transformed into a tourism magnet where various developments have been made. The island is close to 1.9 sq miles. It can be reached via cable car, bus ride, a monorail or a passenger car. Sentosa Boardwalk is also available for people who chose to walk from main island Singapore to Sentosa. Worth to mention, you only pay SGD1.00 when you enter via the boardwalk. It’s the cheapest. When you go out of the island, you can already take the monorail going back to VivoCity and it’s free.

sentosa (9)  sentosa (3) sentosa (2)

The island takes pride of it’s various attractions and establishments but only a few will be posted 🙂

The Resorts World Sentosa features” The Universal Studios Singapore”. It is where various movie characters come to life via different rides and shows the theme park offers.

sentosa (5)  sentosa (21)

The Cylon Roller Coaster Ride and by now, The Transformers is on…

sentosa (24)  sentosa (27)

The Enchanted Airways where Shrek and Fiona lives…

sentosa (25)sentosa (36)sentosa (26)

The Madagascar where you will be greeted with surprise…

sentosa (29)

The Jurassic Park where the dreaded dinosaurs come to life…

sentosa (31)

The Water World where part of the movie will be performed right in front of your very eyes. They are doing the stunts live. No harness, no helmets. Real explosions of bombs you will hear. Real flying aircraft and the likes. Name all what you saw in the movie and you’ll see it here. Just be prepared to get wet as the actors will surely play on you too…

 sentosa (34)  sentosa (35)

And who could forget the “Streetboys” ? They are here…better known as the “Rockefeller’s”.

sentosa (32)sentosa (33)

Experience it yourself. Going to USS via online booking through a Visa Credit Card is way cheaper than doing it in some other available way. I am not just sure if the Visa promo is still on.

I suggest for you to fully enjoy Sentosa, allot one day for USS alone, and another day for the rest of the island…

Getting out of USS, you’ll find a lot more. It is not limited to what you see below:

Palawan Beach

sentosa (1)   sentosa (10)sentosa (11)  sentosa (12)sentosa (13)    sentosa (19)

The Merlion Walk where you can go inside the Merlion and climb to the top. It’s a viewing deck actually. Though going up is not free.

sentosa (8)

If you feel tired, hungry and thirsty, there are some stores in the area where you can buy. Just don’t mind the price. If you do, then better pack with you some food and drinks before you go and wander on what Sentosa has to offer.

sentosa (6)  sentosa (7)

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