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Empire Boxing Gym (UPDATED) | Sweating it All Out the Imperial Way! is now

Last weekend, I finally decided to go and hit the gym again after decades of contemplating to  get back to an active lifestyle. Empire Boxing is such a great choice. It’s not as high end as the other gym’s around the Metro so don’t expect too much, but try and surely you’ll get an imperial workout you’re looking for.


As it is said in one of the posts in their Facebook Page (, Empire Boxing is “Offering you balanced workouts depending on your demands. Do you wanna drop 10, 20 or 100lbs.? Do you want to fight as an amateur or professional? We go hardcore with you both ways. Yeah, you’re our champs like that. See you at your own personal weekend boot camp!”

Focus on the hardcore thing, yes! It’s really a hardcore workout even if you are just a first timer. For me, I really had a hardcore coach when I first went at the Makati Branch. I just forgot to get his name, but he is around 35 to 45 year old. My boxing coach went with me during warm-up, then went on the basics of boxing and then all of a sudden, wow! He told me to go faster and give more power on my punches on various combinations. He’s too overwhelmed since he told me I am so easy to teach. I listen well and execute fairly. That’s maybe the reason why he went a little bar higher on my training.

As to my demand? I just want to make boxing as my regular work-out. It really affects almost all if not your entire body. Mental alertness is also required since your coach will switch to different type of combinations of punches the least time you expect. I really learned a lot on that session and of course I got what I want. The body pain, haha… but seriously, it’s a great workout. The best thing to do rather than spending the rest of your weekends sleeping all day long.

Empire Boxing Gym (Makati)

Empire Boxing is located at 5th Floor of OPL Building, C. Palanca corner Dela Rosa Sts., Legaspi Village, Makati City. Just near The Enterprise Building. There’s also one in Shaw.

Good news for people in QC or anywhere north of Metro Manila, Empire Boxing Arena will be nearer to you starting August 6, 2013.

Below are the 2013 rates as posted in their Facebook account (click on the image to enlarge):

394968_521426261225516_347411183_n 580656_521426617892147_960486844_n

It’s not all about seriousness. Coaches can turn wacky too…

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Gandiva Archery Range | Unleashing the Hawkeye in Me…

Since childhood, I’m always fascinated with movies, cartoons and other shows using bow and arrow. It seems so simple, yet it’s not as easy as you think. It needs upper body strength, mind and eye coordination. I don’t want to sound like a pro, so I’ll just blog my first attempt on the archery range.

2013-04-13 11.06.14

After years of considering playing archery, I finally got the drive to do so. Gandiva Café Archery Range is located at the 7th floor of One Corporate Center, Julia Vargas Avenue corner MERALCO Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City. It’s a 20 to 25 minute walk from SM Megamall. Just follow J. Vargas on the side of Philippine Stock Exchange. Gandiva, facing Meralco Avenue is located on the left side of the elevators. It can be easily recognized since the range is covered with glass see-through walls.

Facing Gandiva, the first door you will reach will take you right inside the range while the left most door will lead you to the the vegetarian café. They serve a lot in their menu but I haven’t tried anything though.

2013-04-13 11.18.24

Back to archery, the busy days of the range is during weekends. As much as possible you have to reserve your slot to make sure you will not end up just a spectator. As for me, I didn’t reserve a slot prior to going. It was just with divine providence that we, including some other walk-in archers’ wannabe were accommodated. It just so happen that we arrived at the range few minutes after it opened and most of the reservations are after lunch time. The range is not big. I think it has only some 10 lanes with 18 meters each length. No, as beginners, we were only trained as far as ten meters. Hoping someday I’d get to 18.

2013-04-13 12.30.45

The training coaches’ are accommodating. They’ll teach you the basics of archery, how to hold the bow and how to load the arrow properly, the right posture and the correct way to pull and release the string. They are always keeping an eye on you and correcting every error you will commit. It’s really fun pulling those strings and aiming at your target face. My first few shots during the start are going out of the black circle, but during my second up to last set, I am already aiming at the right target. I actually hit the yellow circle area four times. The other one is really near the bull’s eye. I felt an adrenaline rush. I was so delighted that I was able to nearly hit the center of the target face considering I am newbie. Way to go…

901528_4777591202127_339603201_o  2013-04-13 12.24.52   906576_4777589642088_857419878_o

One hour of fun in the range will cost you Php600.00 and that includes the range fee, the equipment’s rental and training coach to assist you, plus another Php30.00 for your own target face. Of course as time goes and as you are learning, the cost may be reduced when you no longer need an instructor.

IMG_20130413_174119   IMG_20130504_114325

For more information, you can visit their website at

You can also check on their Facebook page here.

Image from Gandiva Archery Range Facebook Page

Image from Gandiva Archery Range Facebook Page

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