Camp Sandugo | Spidey Moment in an Indoor Wall Climbing Experience

Ever wondered how does it feel to crawl in a wall like Spiderman? Well, not exactly how our friendly Spidey of Marvel does, but it feels great climbing on a 44 feet high wall located in an indoor facility of Camp Sandugo at the 5th floor of Market! Market!, Bonifacio Global City (BGC), Taguig.


It’s my first time to try wall climbing and I must say, I am so glad I did. The wall may look like boring to some, but hey, the wall is really attracting me. It looks easy to climb but not exactly. At first, I feel shy because there are so many people looking at every climbers. The wall is just near the cinema and Timezone at the 5th floor. But then, with my office-mates, we finally got the courage to shed some timid feeling, went on the cashier at Sandugo shop, paid for one climb each and headed back to the wall.

Since this is our first time, we have chosen to take the easier route. Level 1 is smiling at us, I bet if not laughing. When it’s my turn to climb, it was easy at first, and then as I go more than half way, gravity started to pull me back to the ground. I’m not a fool, I didn’t let gravity distract me, my arms are aching but yeah, the climb must go on. I did! I finished the wall! Yahoo! What a wonderful experience and I would definitely look forward to my next climb.


A shoe can be rented at the Sandugo Shop. If you would ask me, I didn’t rent, I used my Converse Sneakers and I climb on jeans. For as long as you are comfortable, you can wear anything except lo0se shirts.

After the climb? We decided to go at Giligan’s and eat our late lunch…

2013-04-06 15.54.51 2013-04-06 15.54.59 2013-04-06 15.55.05

Feeling excited? After eating, all the boys decided to give it one more climb. This time, we will try Level 2. The wall has a tweak though, instead of a straight wall up to the top, the L2 wall is inclined forward up to 90 degrees. If L1 is indeed a success, L2 is an epic FAIL!

Three to four grips more and I am already at the top of L2 wall. The mind is willing but the body isn’t able. I am determined but, my hands have fallen and felt the weight. So I signaled my belayer that I’m done and ready to rappel down. It’s disappointing, it is! But then again, talking of unfinished business? Level 2 wall, I will conquer you next time.


By the way, if you fear heights, then don’t look down once your up nor look 90 to 180 degrees at your back. Else, you will surely get overwhelmed since the wall is overlooking all the lower floors.

How much per climb? It’s relatively cheap! Got Php50? Then go and try to be like Spidey. Want an unlimited climb? Prepare for Php140 plus Php200 for your permanent belayer, a Sandugo staff. But if you have some companions who can act as your belayer, then the unlimited climb promo is like a giveaway.

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One thought on “Camp Sandugo | Spidey Moment in an Indoor Wall Climbing Experience

  1. anonymous

    Hey, great article but I think this one’s a better deal at P199 for unli-wall climbing with the aid of instructor included in it already:

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