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Karada | Japanese Body Therapy at The New Glorietta

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Karada is a Japanese word for body. If you have been frequenting spas for massage hoping to get relieved from recurring body aches and pains, try Karada and it’s an experience you definitely would love to consider again. I was contemplating to go on a spa somewhere in QC. Instead, I tried searching the net for a nearer option. That’s when I stumbled upon Karada in The New Glorietta. I read some reviews and was convinced to try the latest Karada franchise in the Philippines that started only last November 2012 while the second branch opened last February 2013 at the Greenbelt Radissons. I saw their Facebook page and I was surprised that Commissioner Kim Henares of the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) is a client. With that big name, I was more convinced to give it a try. I actually sent a message over their Facebook inbox asking if I can do walk-in. The body salon is fully booked daily thus it operates on by appointment basis. The area is not that huge so they need to manage the inflow of clients.

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I really wanted to try it so I still tried to throw my stones over the moon. Surprisingly, their account is active and replied to me asking for my contact number for them to be able to call me. I gave mine without thinking that they really will call. All of a sudden an unfamiliar number is trying to reach me. It’s Karada! Over our conversation, I was advised that the next possible time for me is 5:00 p.m. Yeah right; I have no choice but to wait. During that time, it was only 12noon.

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Karada can be easily missed especially if you are unsuspecting that it exist. As mentioned in this blog, Karada can be perceived as another Japanese restaurant. When you are walking just in front of it and you haven’t seen the whole name of the establishment, you will really think it’s the other way around unless you will purposely read the huge poster hanging in their glass wall. Anyway, Karada is not like your ordinary spa. The services here are all dry except for the Foot Treatment (FT) in which it’s a reflexology using lotion for easy execution of finger strokes. If you are the type of person who hates the shower first before treatment in spas, then this one is for you. Entering the body salon, you’ll be welcomed by friendly staffs. You’ll be asked to fill-out a client information sheet. You need to take off your shoes and wear their bedroom slippers. If you’re getting the foot treatment then remove your socks too. Not only that, you need to change your clothes with their black top and pants. Then you are off to one of the best treatment you’ll ever get. (This is not a paid endorsement by the way…haha…)

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I got the 90mins AP and FT combo. AP stands for atlas (upper body) and pelvic (the base of the body). My AP therapist worked on me first. She talked to me and made assessments on the complaint I had. In this case, back pain. She pressed some points and it hurts. She knows where to kill me. She made some massage and presses and stretching’s. Oh boy, my bones are cracking! My first time to hear those kind of cracks and I was speechless and amazed. After that she gave me some more attack (binabalian ata ako) on my pressure point again over my neck and the pain was no longer there. She showed me how my one leg is actually seemed longer than the other. This is due to frequent one leg standing where only one leg receives the weight of my body. Admit it, you also have this habit and is actually hurting us. Our pelvic bone comes out of alignment including our spinal column. Then she tested my balance. I am surprised that with her not so strong force I come out of my balance and fell on my back towards her. I even stepped on her foot and she uttered ARAY!!! haha… I said sorry but as soon as she resumed the alignment procedure, I felt like she’s an Avenger, yes with a vengeance, hitting my back here and there. I love the force though. After that she tested my balance once more and wow, just wow! I no longer stepped on her since my balance have been restored. Going back on the massage bed, she continued to apply pressures on my back all the way down to my feet. It’s really relaxing.

Then after that, here comes another torture lady, Cherry if I spelled it right is my FT reflexologist. She covered my feet with warm towels and put some hot cherry stones over my forehead. I told her ginugutom mo ako…(you’re making me hungry)! The stones actually smelled like toasted bread or a newly baked pandesal. Cherry tortured me with her bare hands. What I really enjoyed during the process aside from the pain (yes I enjoyed the pain) is that your therapist talks and explains to you what she is doing. She advises you when to feel so much pain and oh no, she’s not joking. It really hurts but it was awesome! What is pain considering the health benefits you would gain? No pain no gain is your motto here. But like I said I enjoy the pain so much that I don’t exhibit reactions of being hurt. Of course excluding those episodes where she warned me of the pain. I have bitten my lips. lol… I told her if I won’t be able to walk after that I’ll come back with a police. Did I mention their therapists are not so serious? Yes you can actually joke with them. Thus, in the entire duration of the combo treatments I did not feel bored. I felt better and lighter when I walk. I will surely love to return and let them break my bones and torture my muscles again.

Kidding aside, I would trade an ordinary spa experience over Karada’s way. The alignment procedure (surprisingly) doesn’t hurt even though you hear your bones cracking. 

You can read more of them here and here.

Visit their Facebook page for more info.

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