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Karada | Japanese Body Therapy at Greenbelt Radisson

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You might have read my other blog about Karada at The New Glorietta here, and this time it’s about Greenbelt Radisson. This blog won’t attempt to compare the quality of services you can get at both branches, that’s a no debate. Try it and you’ll know they both offer the same quality of awesome therapeutic body treatments.

So what’s new in this post?

Karada Radisson is the second branch they have opened. One can immediately spot the difference from Glorietta when you get here. Radisson is more spacious and can accommodate more clients due to more number of treatment beds they have. Of course the mechanical bed is also present and that is used for spine alignment. Since the area is larger than the other, noise is not so much, plus the fact that it’s located in an area not frequented by people like a mall. I think I was the only noise pollution creating mammal inside the salon. Haha… I love the fact that it’s also nearer to my office.

2013-06-28 19.26.09 2013-06-28 19.28.37 2013-06-28 18.52.43

This is my fourth visit with Karada and this time I took the Body Treatment and Foot Therapy. Perfect for my perennial back and shoulder pain due to wrong posture, lack of exercise and don’t discount the effect of stress. It’s one way of fighting the radicals of the city including pollution and work related fuss. Oh, by the way, it’s another dreaded quarterly close in the office starting Monday so this is an impeccable way to flush out stress out of my system and get ready to absorb another batch of strain inducements. Haha…

2013-06-28 18.23.04

The partners in crime…

2013-06-28 18.22.11 2013-06-28 18.25.07

Karada Radisson is located at the Ground Floor Greenbelt Radisson Condominium, 107 Aguirre Street, Legaspi Village, Makati City.

Try it and you won’t regret going 🙂

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