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360˚ Fitness Club | Complete the Circuit


What’s your fitness goal? Are you having hard time doing simple routines on your own? Fired-up for the next three days then the passion die down little by little. Tired of your usual gym? 360˚ Fitness Club is an alternative and of course an investment for your health and wellness.

360˚ Fitness Club is not your ordinary hole-in-the-wall or branded gyms with machines, plates and all crazy stuff you must be using in every gym visit. It only houses some dumbbells, jump ropes, suspension ropes, balls, kettle bells, etc. I decided to try the free trial 30-minute workout by exchanging email correspondence with their membership consultant. Yes 30 minutes only. They have this line, minimum requirement, and maximum result. Prior to the actual try-out, the consultant reminded me of the following:

-Come in 20 minutes before your schedule so we have enough time to orient you and to avoid getting bumped off your reserved slot if you arrive late

– Have enough sleep and to have taken a snack 45 minutes before working out

– Bring your own padlock and water bottle.

– Bring your personal toiletries if you want to wash up after you work-out

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During the free trial, I was asked to answer some medical background checklist, prior workouts done as well as a waiver. After that, the coach assigned to me tried to orient me on what is going to happen, who they are and what they do to help their client. I intend to write about what I heard from the coach but I’m afraid I might tell something not factual. So below is a copy of an article published in 360˚’s website”:

Efficiency is 30 x 3 = Total Body Transformation

Reaching your fitness goal doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice hours from your already busy schedule. All you need is 30 minutes of 360˚ Circuit Training per day, 3 times a week. A 30 minute 360˚ Circuit Training can be equivalent to combined 30 minutes of a typical gym workout  and 30 minutes of aerobic workout. Did we mention you can burn an average of 500 calories, and at the same time tone and strengthen your body, in just one 30 minute 360˚ Circuit Training Session? How’s that for efficiency?

You can read more here…

The circuit training has various levels that you can progress on. During my trial run, I was at Level 1 only. Don’t underestimate it. Level 1 in circuit training could be equal or more than tiring than an hour boxing workout. At 10-minutes I am already sweating like crazy. I like the concept of their circuit training and I actually enjoyed my free trial. I am still thinking if I will sign-up for the club though since it’s not that cheap. After all, fitness has no price. They have available Annual, Semi-annual, Quarterly and 10-visit membership pass at slightly differing amounts per month. The 10-visit pass will cost Php2,990.00. As to the others, I opt not to post them for the reason that this might change anytime. And who knows, if you will discuss with them in person, you might get a bonus discount. They are accepting credit card and post-dated cheque payments only. But if you want to pay cash, sure you can. Just be ready to shell out the whole amount depending on the membership type you are enrolling.

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By the way, one round in 360˚ circuit training is equivalent to 10-minutes, so you need to complete 3 rounds to satisfy your 30-minute workout. The workout routines can be done at the comfort of your own room (i.e. for Level 1). But if you are the type that when laziness strikes and you give in, then better do it in the gym where your motivation is higher and you have the coach to cheer you up when you feel like giving up.

Aside from the circuit training, they do have some group classes that you can try too. These classes come free with your membership excluding pole dancing by the Polecats and Krav Maga. Other classes they have are Zumba, Suspension Rope Training, Kickboxing, etc.

Aside from gym equipment and facilities, 360˚ Fitness Club has lockers, comfort rooms, shower rooms for men and women as well as separate rooms for various group classes. Makati branch is located at the 7th floor of Dolmar Gold Tower, C. Palanca Street, Legaspi Village near the Enterprise Tower.

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You can contact them for more details through the following means:

Email them at

Tweet them at this handle @360fitclub

Follow them in their Facebook Page at 360 Fitness Club

Check out their official website here.

Alternatively, you can check-out Head Coach and Program Director Chappy Callanta’s blog here.

Contact numbers are also available in their website.

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Going up the gym? Your workout already starts at the 1st floor. You have to climb the stairs in order to reach 360˚. Though you can use the elevator, alight to 6th floor and walk in the stairs to reach 7th floor. Lift only services floors until the 6th level.

Thanks for the free-trial! Enjoyed it…

“Fitness is not a chore…it’s a choice!” – 360˚ Fitness Club

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