#Buddy’s | Happy Tummy…No bummer! (Updated)

Living on its vision, “Great food, homey ambiance and the friendliest staff.” Buddy’s is a restaurant native of Lucban, Quezon. More than two years ago since I moved to Makati, I came to know this and started loving it. I always frequent the Kakarong Street Branch and sometimes at “The Link”. It serves a lot of Filipino inspired cuisines palatable to any taste buds. Almost every week I am in. There’s no month in the year I never went to. Someone may be fooled that Buddy’s is a pricey dining place, but it’s not! Considering foods are great at that price? No bummer! One serving per order can be good for 2 to 3 persons already. When I dine there, it’s really fiesta! Their menu covers a lot, a few of those that I happen to love are worth mentioning.


Pancit Habhab – the one you eat with vinegar, but hey, I am more sold out with their Sotanghon though.

IMG_20120708_203113  IMG_20121103_181154

Fried 2 Pcs. Porkchop served with gravy and rice.


Sizzling Pork-chop and vegetables served with rice.

IMG_20130331_190547  IMG_20130907_171926

Sizzling Sisig Tuna w/o rice-this is really my favourite. But when I got my food hypersensitivity (allergy on foods), I felt bad because I thought I can no longer take it even just for a little. One day, I tried asking them to remove the egg and indeed, they did! Back to my sisig tuna craving again minus the egg because I don’t want to turn instant red and develop hives all over.

IMG_20130921_172553   IMG_20120605_191829


Chopsuey with rice – Mixed Seafoods and Vegetables. Like the Sisig Tuna, I always request them to remove the seafoods and the quail eggs. You may think it’s crazy, but they are complementing the lost ingredients with more pork.

IMG_20120708_201614  IMG_20120715_210025

Sizzling Tanigue served with rice.

IMG_20130919_204225    IMG_20130506_200706

Cassava Cake (Budin) at Php50.00 per serving.


Pork Liempo/Lechon Paksiw with rice


Buddy’s Spaghetti-ranked number one in this site SPOT.PH 

No wonder because it has a distinct taste that is well liked by  my tongue. Tuna Sandwich is also part of the menu. Though it’s a bit messy when you start eating it. I bet they need to do some improvement in the filling. As soon as you had your first bite, the filling starts falling too. I don’t know if that’s just me. Haha…

IMG_20130921_183809  IMG_20130923_191731

I do also usually pair my spaghetti with an order of their Lumpia Mixed Vegetables.


Sago’t Gulaman-I find it too sweet so I always request to lessen the syrup every time I’ll order one.


Halo-halo– a Pinoy classic crashed ice dessert. Perfect for a hot summer weather.



You can check their website for more of their menu. They are located in different areas in the Metro too, not just in Lucban, Quezon. And yes, they deliver!

Watch their video. It’s cool and yeah I liked it.

Happy eating! Let your tummy celebrate worth the price…

(Update) Cute! I got this little notepad from them! Perfect in my office workstation.


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