“He who has a bow” – The Kodanda Experience

Kodanda Archery Range is exciting the Hawkeye in Me! Lol…

Narcissus Chronicles


We always had this experience of playing with bow and arrow toys as kids; I grew up with the concept of this weaponry as I watched Robinhood, and some Sentai and Anime. And as an adult, there’s  still a kid in me that always want to play and discover.. (who would’nt  want to feel like being Green Arrow or Hawkeye for a day, right?!)

My great buddy Mike Berghell, planned to tag me along with him after he discovered this newly opened venue named Kodanda Archery Range. I already learned that there is this restaurant just around Ortigas Center (which is a lot nearer my place) that has archery range as well; but I never really had the chance to try, because no one else among my colleagues is too keen in trying this sport. So it was much to my excitement when I learned that one of…

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