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No time to post a longer entry as of now. Also my connection does not permit to do so.

In the meantime below are some of the highlights:

The Royal Kingdom of Cambodia, Kingdom of Wonders!

2013-10-21 12.07.14

Border going into the Kingdom at Poipet…

2013-10-22 05.48.17

Sunrise at Angkor Wat…

2013-10-22 07.21.44

Angkor Wat

2013-10-22 11.44.22

Tomb Raider Wat


The Royal Thai Kingdom


Nongnooch Garden Resort


Canopy Adventure


Grand Palace, Bangkok

2013-10-20 10.41.27

Sammuk Mountain

2013-10-20 10.09.27

2013-10-20 09.27.16

Ang Sila Market

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Kodanda Archery Range | “He Who Has A Bow” a would-be Hawkeye


It’s always been my childhood dream to become an archer. It seems so cool. And when I heard a new archery range has just opened in Makati Cinema Square (MCS), the Hawkeye in me rejoices. Alas, there’s one good reason for me to go to MCS which I admit I never tried going until one Saturday afternoon that I decided to go and shoot.

2013-10-05 14.20.14

Kodanda is a Sanskrit word that means, “He who has a bow.”  And I know I have a bow yet, but someday, I will own one. The type that are being used in the Olympics! (LOL)

I enjoyed my Kodanda experience. Staffs are great and accommodating. I am also delighted to see a coach from another range where I am playing archery to be in Kodanda already. She actually became my photographer.  (haha) Anyway, my arrows still veer away from the bull’s-eye, but I’m almost there. More practice and maybe I can already hit it. So far, my shots are literally going anywhere, but with some mind concentration and body, hand plus eye coordination, I managed to hit the yellow circle.

Kodanda’s seven lane range farthest is 10 meters only. Beginners can start between five to eight meters. Mine is at 10 meters already, and still long way to go. What I love more at Kodanda is that I am given five (5) arrows to shoot. In some other range, they only give three (3). Just one more request, can I get one extra set after my time is up? (LOL) Just kidding.

2013-10-05 13.27.06  2013-10-05 13.31.47

PhotoGrid_1380980496835My target face/paper is the second one.

Kodanda Archery Range is located at Unit FB-D3a, Upper Basement, Makati Cinema Square, Chino Roces (Pasong Tamo) Avenue. From Greenbelt, you can take a 15-20 minute walk to MCS. Pass through Arnaiz/Pasay road until you reach the crossing near El Cielito Hotel (do not go all the way to Skyway entrance), turn right straight ahead until you reach the first pedestrian crossing lane, move-over to the other side and MCS is already there.

I don’t know during weekdays, but for this Saturday that I went, the range became jam-packed.  I went with no reservations, just throwing stones over the moon. By God’s grace, I was accommodated. I arrived around 1:30 PM and there’s only one player at the moment. As soon as I start letting my arrows fly, lo and behold, people started rushing in. I am surprised that the range was very busy. There are so many Hawkeye, Legolas, Robinhood and Katnis wannabe. So if you don’t want to end up frustrated you won’t be able to hit the lane, then contact them and reserve your slot.

2013-10-05 14.17.57  2013-10-05 14.18.48

Per hour of session in Kodanda costs Php530.00 per person inclusive of archery range fee, equipment, instructor and a target paper. I can say, this is the cheapest as of the moment that I know for beginners to try archery.  If you want to take it seriously, you can inquire for their available lessons offered on the following contact numbers: 0932-843-6614 and 02-621-91-09.

2013-10-05 13.22.50  2013-10-05 13.26.45

2013-10-05 13.26.10

Wanna play but you are shy to go alone? Contact me and I will go with you. (haha) It’s fun!

Try visiting their Facebook page too here.

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