Amazing Thailand – always amazes you! (Part1) | Ang Sila Market, Khao Sam Muk, Bangsaen Beach and the Sriracha Night Market

(Okay, this is a long overdue post.  I just found myself back to writing mood. It will be a long post so I decided to split it in four (4) parts.)

Thailand is always under my bucket list since childhood. My first encounter with this country is when I got a shirt printed with their famous landmark and a vivid Thailand in black font when I was still in my elementary days. I’ve always said to myself that one day, I am going to visit this nation. Indeed, it came true last October 2013.

Day 1

I spent most of the time travelling from NAIA Terminal 3 to Suvarnabhumi (Suwannaphum) International Airport in Bangkok. It’s a very huge airport (free Wi-Fi, just flash your passport and you will be given a username and password) serving as the main gateway of this kingdom. Upon passing through the formal immigration process, then off to Chonburi, a province one-hour drive from Bangkok.

2013-10-19 18.20.36

NAIA Terminal 3

2013-10-26 23.01.30

Suvarnabhumi International Airport2013-10-20 01.14.12

Day 2

Early in the morning, we went to Ang Sila Market to get some fresh buys. This market is positioned right at the Ang Sila fish port. The market is frequented by locals and foreigners alike.


Monks can also be seen roaming around asking for their daily provision. A songthaew is a passenger vehicle in Thailand which is a modified pick-up. This is their counterpart for our modest jeepney.


After getting things we need from the market, we went on side trip in a Chinese Buddhist Temple which I forgot the name. The intricate detail of the designs of the temple is impressive.

Then off to Khao Sam Muk. It’s in this mountain that we were greeted by hundreds of rhesus monkeys habiting the area. Their numbers are so many that they just walk, jump and climb anywhere. Beware; your cars may get damaged. Before we went on the top where a view deck is located, we bought some banana so we could spend some time and play with the monkeys. The view deck gives you a 360 degrees view of the bay and the province of Chon Buri. Getting at the view deck, the monkeys almost snob our banana. It’s like they are experiencing banana fatigue. Lol. Some locals in the area advised as to buy quail eggs instead so the monkeys will get it from us. True enough, the monkeys prefer quail eggs! I also saw some eating cucumbers. Confirmed, the monkeys are going through banana fatigue!


At about lunch time, we also went to Bangsaen (Bangsen) Beach where we spent few hours eating some Thai foods along the shore and trying some water adventures. We rode a sofa boat first where I got some bruises. The ride was fun though. After that, we went back the shore and rested for a while. Banana boat here we come! This is my first time for both rides so I am a little bit nervous and excited at the same time. The ride was a blast. I never expected it to be that fun.

IMG_20131020_193424  IMG_20131020_192951

At around 5 in the afternoon, we went off the church and afterwards lingered around the Sriracha (Si-rat-cha) night market. In Thailand, night markets are common. You can find great buys here. Various quality products are available price ranging from cheap to expensive.


Amazing Thailand – always amazes you! (Part2) | Getting around the wonders of Bangkok

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