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Garden of Zen Spa | Your Friendly Low-end Spa (Updated)

I’ve been frequenting this spa since it opened last year (2013) located at the Ground Floor of IDC Plza, Kalayaan Ave., corner Zapote St., Barangay Santa Cruz, Makati City. It’s only this time that I was really triggered to write something about it.

2014-01-18 20.18.13

This spa is not like your other high-end spa. The place is only enough to accommodate four (4) beds separated by curtains. It’s pretty decent considering it is low priced. Once you enter the spa, you will be welcomed by a nice aromatic scent. You will also be surprised that the bed sheets are clean and do not emit oil like smell that has been there for a long time. It’s actually better here than that one popular and celebrity endorsed spa; that is, I’m speaking with their branch along EDSA on the side of a posh village in Makati City where the bed sheets smell like what I have described above. What I particularly like also in this spa is the foot soap soak since this spa does not require you to take a shower first. Not taking the shower saves time and I like that idea, though I really advise that customers must ensure they have taken their bath at home as a sign of courtesy and not to mention hygiene purposes.

Though, the spa can be noisy at times especially when customers come one after the other. You can also hear the noise coming from vehicles plying Kalayaan and Zapote. But I don’t care because I don’t sleep even in a very quiet spa out there. I just can’t sleep no matter how I try it. So the noise is just okay with me. Also, they tend to be undermanned when customers start flocking. I just hope they will have a separate receptionist, if not add another one or two massage therapist. (I’m willing to be trained and do part-time. Lol…)

They offer a lot of services like any other spa. I tried their Pinoy Hilot, Shiatsu Massage, Swedish Massage, Combination of both massages, Hot Stone Massage, Foot Spa with Reflexology and the latest that prompted me to write this post is the Fresh Bamboo Scrub plus Massage of your choice.

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I was intrigued by the fresh bamboo name of the scrub so I decided to try it. Not to mention, this is my first ever time to try a scrub in a spa. My verdict? I enjoyed the scrub! The mixed of scrub they use smells like literally a fresh cut bamboo. It was like I am transported back to our home in the province where I can only find that smell and not anywhere in this jungle city. The application of the scrub takes about 30-minutes let it stay for about 5-minutes in your skin then you will take the shower in preparation for the massage.

Overheard, Garden of Zen will be transferring location in a wider area that can accommodate six (6) beds. The loyal customers need not to worry as they will be transferring just one block from the original location. It is still along Zapote Street. Also, try asking for a loyalty card if you don’t have as they offer some freebies. You get a point for every visit with a minimum purchase of Php300.00. Give them also your mobile number because they often send out promos and discounts exclusive for loyal customers.

2014-01-18 20.18.29

Contact Details:

Tel No. 816-06-94

Mobile No. 0926-320-9476

Update: I got my complimentary fresh bamboo scrub valued at Php399.00! Thanks to the management…

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