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San Juan, La Union | Trying out to play and ride the waves is now



Its been a long time that I wanted to try surfing. It was not until October 21, 2014 that I was able to fulfill it. Thanks to Ate Mayo, who happens to be good friends with Mommy Nanny, the mother of Luke who owns San Juan Surf School located in Urbiztondo, San Juan, La Union. His place is known locally and internationally to people whose passion is surfing.


I started my surfing lesson at around 9 in the morning. What I like during this time of the day is that the waves are not so big and wild. According to Jessy, my out of school surfing trainor, the big and challenging waves usually rolls between 3 to 6 in the afternoon. Next time I will dare to ride on these waves. Speaking of Jessy, he has another buddy who also teaches surfing lessons to first timers. They are with Mommy Nanny. Rates in the area ranges from Php250 to Php400 per hour depending on how you negotiate with the trainors in their respective resorts.

We started on some basics, how to use the board, proper form, how and where to stand,  how to get off and what are the do’s and dont’s. During the first 20 minutes I struggled to take my balance. Persistence, presence of mind and proper body coordination…off I go!


Jessy also taught me how to do some tricks. Not perfect but I was able to execute some. First is leading the board sideways and not just straight forward towards the shore. Second is stepping in front of the board as soon as you get your balance. Not sure though how you call those tricks. I forgot what Jessy told me.

My first try on the board is amazing! I enjoyed it and definitely there are more coming…

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