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Tanay, Rizal | Scaling Nagpatong Rock Formation and Mt. Masungki is now

Nagpatong Rock Formation is located in Barangay Cuyambay, Tanay, Rizal. It is approximately 532 MASL and offers one of the best 360° view from the top in Tanay.

This limestone rock formation got its name because it looks like each layers are stacked on top of the other forming a towering formation. Nagpatong consists of two rock towers facing each other. The most photograph area is the one shown above.

Climb carefully and safely.
One of the best spot to view sunrise!

Going down is a bit trickier compared to getting up the rock formation. It involves holding and entrusting your life on a rope to get passed the cliff. You can’t go on the same initial route because there are so many hikers waiting in line. You have to take on the other side to avoid bottleneck.

Off to Mt. Masungki.

After scaling the rock formation, time to climb Mt. Masungki. Towering at 660 MASL, technically it is only a hill.

Trail to Masungki.

Views from the top of Mt. Masungki are amazing. Worth the risk and the climb.

Rest if you must!

But don’t quit!

Nagpatong Rock Formation and Mt. Masungki is not for the faint hearted, but it is worth an adventure a few hours from Metro Manila.

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