OFW | Direct Hire? Looking for an agency to process your OEC?

Are you a direct hire Overseas Filipino Worker and is trying to process your Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC)? Currently, the Philippines is implementing Memorandum Circular No. 08-2018 dated 26 April 2018 of the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) on the registration of direct-hire overseas Filipino workers (OFWs), i.e. OFWs recruited by employers who did not engage the services of a POEA-accredited recruitment agency.

According to the Memorandum Circular, “No employer shall directly hire an overseas Filipino worker for overseas employment” except if the employer is a member of the diplomatic corps, member of an international organization, head of state, or government official with rank of at least deputy minister, or in other cases as may be allowed by the POEA.

These other cases are enumerated in the exemption D in the memo.

Just incase you don’t know, you need an OEC for you to be able to exit immigration in the Philippines. Processing can be a nightmare.

In my case, way back 2018, I already have my work permit going to Bermuda. The only thing that is hindering me to go is my OEC. My employer wants me to go out of the Philippines legally instead of trying to go out as tourist and then do a cross-country. They are not willing to take that risk.

So with this, I started to process my OEC by writing a letter of appeal direct to the DOLE Secretary (Starting May 2018, letters of appeal are already addressed to the POEA Administrator). My appeal was approved after a week. I then proceeded to the POEA along EDSA Ortigas to submit my requirements. Everything is going smoothly until they were able to see in their system that my employer already has 6 direct hires. In short, I am no longer allowed to go as direct hire. Yes, whether those 6 are still connected to my employer or no longer working with them, I can no longer proceed.

So I started looking for an accredited recruitment agency to help process my OEC.

I found one but they are going to charge a fee equivalent to one month salary. That’s a lot!

I found another one. They will be charging US$800 plus US$300 for incidentals. That’s still too much!

While continuing my search, I found a small agency, AMI GLOBAL RECRUITMENT. Goodnews is they will only be charging US$600 all-in. No hidden cost and charges. They will pay for POEA, OWWA and Insurance. For the medical, if part of your visa or permit requirement, you can use that. Otherwise, you need to undergo medical in any DOH accredited service providers at your own expense.

In short, my OEC was processed and my employer just paid US$600. However, the POLO or PHL Embassy verification of your contract or job offer will be paid by you or your employer which is always the case in other agencies.

Should you need help, just contact them via email. Imelda and Martin are very responsive. Contact details below.

Kindly note of their license validity. Always check with them or with POEA website to avoid complications.

If you need more information, you can join this group in Facebook: OEC Processing for Direct Hires. Or check this comprehensive information.

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