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Bermuda | Everyday should feel this good! is now

Admit it. Probably you’ve heard of Bermuda as something to be feared. Thanks to the many real life mysterious unexplained disappearances of aircrafts and sea vessels that we came to know about.

BermudaBermuda, a 53.3 sq kilometer archipelago of more than 150 islands in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean collectively known as “The Island”, has so much to offer. Its recent population count is 71,176 as of July 2018. Bermuda is a self governing Overseas Territory of the United Kingdom. Having its own constitution, laws and regulations.The Island gets huge income from tourist arrivals. Mostly, they are on board cruise ships and tourists usually wander in The Island’s beautiful beaches. Other attractions also exist. Bermuda is also known for its thriving insurance and re-insurance industry, helping fuel the economy.


Welcome to the triangle!

Bermuda is located on the other tip of an imaginary triangle. The other tips are Puerto Rico and Miami, Florida. The mysterious disapperances happen within this region. Experts say, the weather in the area is very volatile and perilious. The condition can change from bad to worst. This is also the area where most hurricanes are formed.There is also another theory involving methane gas ejecting from the bottom of the triangle towards the surface. The water with bursting bubbles become dangerous, ships cruising right on the spot will lose its buoyancy causing it to sink.Ofcourse, you can’t remove another theory that aliens are involved in various cases of disappearances: extraterrestrial abductions.


Fear not! Bermudaful!

Despite the frightening reputation of the notorious triangle, here I am, living as an expat. Bermuda is a lovely place.


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