Mabuhay! I am Will and this blog is a collection of my own stories as I go experience things, travel for fun and adventures around the Philippines and the world! I just love sharing, I am not a professional blogger nor photographer…pardon my photos if it irritates your eyes and my write-ups if you feel dizzy reading my own grammar rules!

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4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi there Will!

    Clifford here founder of Love Ko Anawangin. Thank you for following LKA.

    I have been following your blog and checking it once in while and grateful for the posts you’re making. Thank you for exploring our dear country.

    I am writing you right now to formally invite you to explore anawangin (No obligation of how many posts. No obligation as to when to post).

    My organization will shoulder more than half of normal expenses including van service from Manila. Target month is January 2014. We’re accumulating at least 12-14 bloggers (per van) for a two day one night getaway at anawangin.

    More details shall be discussed upon your response. In the meantime please check who we are by visiting our main blogs below especially “Why choose lovekoanawangin for your getaway” and learn our cause.


    Will, I hope to hear from you soon.

    We’re considering allowing one-two companion per blogger or as many as necessary.
    Any thoughts will be appreciated.

    Clifford Bustillo
    Founder Of Love Ko Anawangin

  2. Hi! This is Coach Rob, Empire Boxing’s founder/president. I just saw your blog now, and I’m so happy you enjoyed the experience! I would like to thank you with free membership and discounted session rates. You can reach me at robertbdelrosario@gmail.com or text 09166829653. Thanks!!!

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