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Bermuda | Scenic Fort Scaur Hill Park is now

Please follow me on my new home. Through the power of reading and imagination, we will go the distance together. Who knows someday, you and I will be on the same adventure trip. Sharing life and travel experiences.


Fort Scaur Hill Park is in Somerset Island located at the west end just a few meters after Somerset Bridge when you are heading towards the Royal Naval Dockyard.


The construction of the fort begun in the 1860’s during the time of troubled relations between Great Britain and the United States.

Snapshot of the fort’s aerial view from one of the exhibits.

A short narrative on one of the exibits inside the fort states:

“This fort was intended to protect the landward side of the Royal Naval Dockyard against any enemy attack from the south shore beaches.

Completed by the Royal Engineers in the 1870’s, it was known as the Somerset Position (later Fort Scaur). This defensive work was in essence a massive dry moat that cut across the entire island. Virtually invisible from the sea, it was a hybrid of traditional “pentagonal” fort design and the new “open” battery system.

A central fort commanded the ditch and parapet. It was armed with two 64 pounder Rifled Muzzle Loader guns mounted on Moncrieff disappearing gun mounts.

Defenders could also fire an attacking infantry from the protective parapet, counter scarp galleries and a small Caponier or guard house.”

Scaur views!

The park can be accessed through the main entrance via the Somerset Road. There’s a wide carpark and picnic area on top of the hill.

Or through a short nature trail via the Railway  Trail.

There are various underground rooms within the complex.

You can go and explore the rooms. Lights are installed for easy access.There are exhibits in some of them, others are just filled with empty spaces.

The underground rooms remain cool even if it’s hot outside.

I did not see any dungeon or maybe there’s one but I just don’t know where it is located.

Overlooking the Great Sound.

Royal Naval Dockyard on the far left end.

There’s a wooden throne ­čść beside the car park.

There are seasonal flower blooms.

Usually they bloom around March-April, just before winter ends and within the first weeks of spring. Perfect time for travel.

How to get there?

If you are coming from Hamilton City or the Royal Naval Dockyard, take Bus #7 or #8 and let the bus captain know you are getting-off at the bus stop nearest to Fort Scaur Hill.

If you have a few more bucks to spend, you can take a taxi or hire a scooter.

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Pugo, La Union | Pugo Adventure (PUGAD) Park…a must try destination! is now


Pugo Adventure Park or more commonly known as PUGAD is located in Pugo, La Union. It is a vast property situated in a valley separated by a river. From Marcos Highway (Aspiras Highway) the main entrance of the park is still more or less a kilometer away. The park is busy during weekends and parking space may tend to be full at times.


This is where you will be greeted by staffs who will get how large your group and how many adult and children. They will give you a slip and in the registration area, you will choose which cottage and area do you like. (Hint: Tell them you would like to stay near the children’s playground. This area is strategic to the main pools and the mini zoo.) Above photo also shows the actual entrance gate where you have to pay the total amount indicated in your slip provided in the registration area. They will give you your groups stub or ticket. Before you can finally enter, the guard on duty will stamp your hand with PUGAD so when you get out, you can easily enter back.


For me, the park is divided in three (3) phases. First phase is just near the entrance. It has its own cottages and pool. From this area, a hanging bridge will connect you to the second phase. This area also includes its own pool and cottages. Walking farther, another hanging bridge connects it to the third phase.


This phase is the the parks main attraction. The childrens pool and playground is here. Two huge adult pools are also located in this area. Adjacent to this is the mini zoological and botanical garden.



You can engage in a lot of adventure activities. Refer on the rates above.


My brother and I took Package 1. This includes 3 ziplines, wall climbing and rapelling. We were not able to take photos of all the activities as the photo service in the park is a bit pricey. Php150.00 per photo per activity. The ziplines are not considered one activity, so if you want to take all your photos in the cable lines, you have to pay more. The only good thing is that you can have a soft copy of the raw photos of the activities that you have paid for the printed photo.


Activity registrations are done at the Blue Tent. It is located just outside the parks entrance above the registration area.


The park is dotted by additional ammenities and it includes male and female restrooms as well as toilets, they also have grilling stations. You can bring in foods in the park without any fee. Smoking and drinking alcohol is prohibited though. They also have a shopping center and a cafe. Prices are ofcourse a bit higher than usual. They have fairly large ground area on phase 2 and 3 for team building activities.


Though the adventure park do not have available rooms if you want an overnight stay, they have an affiliated inn or guest house outside the park. Try to check it with them. Contacts are below.


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